Incorporating Halloween into Elementary PE

published on 29th October, 2022

Halloween has crept upon us, which means the start of the festival period. It’s such an exciting time in Elementary Schools, but it can be difficult fitting all the extra activities around scheduled Phys Ed work.  With some creative thinking, an Elementary PE lesson planning can be adapted to maximise festivities without missing out on structured PE work.  Here’s a few suggestions of how you can adapt our PE Lesson Plans to incorporate Halloween…

Elementary PE Lesson Plan adaptations

2nd Grade Track & Field – Lesson 1

PE Activity – Steeplechase

The concept of the game stays the same, but the focus is Halloween characters. Commands could include:

Witch on a broom – jump as high as possible to try get on a broom

Crazy Pumpkin – jump in different directions

Scary Scary – small backwards jumps

Fallen Zombie – jump as far forward as possible to jump over the fallen zombies

Black Cat – leap forwards

3rd Grade Handball – Lesson 1

PE Activity – Stuck in the Middle

‘Keep the Pumpkin!’ The children work in small groups keeping the pumpkin (ball) away from the zombie (student in the middle). If the ‘zombie’ wins the ball, they come back to life, and come out of the middle. The child who passed the pumpkin last now becomes the zombie.

4th Grade Fitness – Lesson 1

PE Activity – Ducks to Water

Explain to the children that the cones are treats and the hoops are the houses to visit when trick or treating. The children move around from ‘house to house’ collecting treats. Children must move around in different ‘spooky’ ways. This could be pouncing like a black cat or tiptoeing like a ghoul or ghost.

5th Grade Gymnastics – Lesson 1

PE Activity – Gymnastics Circuits

Play some spooky Halloween music and ask the children to create routines using various pieces of equipment and apparatus. Encourage groups to create characters and move around staying in character and to the music.


Find all our Elementary School PE lesson plans here, and don’t forget we have lots of free plans and resources.

Calendar Resources

In our resources part of the website, our calendar resources include games and activities for a wide variety of events throughout the year. A Halloween favourite is ‘Vampire and Werewolves’. Try it this Halloween and let us know what you think! A good stand-alone brain-break game, or it can be incorporated into your Elementary PE lessons.

Have a great Halloween week.

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