A guide to using our free PE lesson plans

published on 16th January, 2023

We are proud of the high quality resources that PE Planning provides.  However, it is important that you find resources that specifically suit you and your students.  So, we have created a free membership where teachers and coaches can access free PE lesson plans to ensure this is the right resource for you.

How do I get free PE Lesson Plans?

There are 2 stages to setting up a free account…

First at the top right of this page, click on ‘Subscribe’ to create a username and enter your email address.  Here’s a quick video demonstration…

So you should now have an email with an activation link.  Before accessing your free PE lesson plans, you’ll need to click on the link and then create a password, like this…

You should now be up and running with your free membership.

There are 2 main areas to the website…

Lesson Plans

These are our Phys Ed lesson plans and free members have access to lesson 1 of every Grade and every Sport.

You will see that most sports have the option of downloading a fully detailed plan (full plan) for those who require full lesson instructions, or a quick reference plan (quick plan) for those just looking for activity ideas.  These are 2 versions of the same lesson.

Check out this short demonstration of how to browse our phys-ed lesson plans


Our additional PE resources provide schools with everything they require to deliver a broad and balanced PE Curriculum.

You will see that there are lots of useful downloads from Displays and Awards to Child Mental Health Activities.  Everything your school needs!

Finally, here’s a short demonstration of how you can browse our Additional PE Resources

Our team has over 25 years of experience in School PE.  We love helping schools to develop their Physical Education and are always happy to answer any questions, no matter how big or small, so please get in touch if you require any advice.

So, get started with your free membership to PE Planning here.  Good luck!