Happy Holidays from PE Planning!

published on 23th December, 2022

No doubt you will, like most schools, have finished for the holidays. But we just wanted to say a BIG thank you to everyone who has used our PE lesson plans this year… And Happy Holidays from PE Planning!

2022 has been a much-welcomed return to normality. Schools have still faced some challenges, though, and we hope that by providing an easier way to deliver great Phys Ed lessons, our team and our website has gone some way to help you.

Our best PE resources this year

Alongside our PE lesson plans, PE Planning has provided you with free guidance, ideas, and resources through 2022. Let’s go through what we think are the best PE resources posted on this blog through the year!

PE activities for your first week back

Our blog post about planning PE for your first week back brought together PE activities to excite and inspire children from Week 1! We gave you the detail on how to plan, establish rules, and get students excited about PE.

How to Plan Kindergarten PE with no equipment

A topic that does comes up from time to time – how can we deliver fun, worthwhile Phys Ed lessons when there’s no equipment? Our answer – it’s easy! And in our blog post, we list our Top 5 Year 1 PE Games that can be delivered with no equipment. Given that fundamental movement skills are best developed between the ages of 3 and 8… It’s vital that you have our lesson ideas in our back pocket – should you ever need them!

7 Ball Games for the Classroom

Ball games? In the classroom? That’s right! Students don’t need to be outside to enjoy ball games at school. We pulled together 7 fun ball games that can easily be adapted for the classroom to keep your children active and engaged in PE, whilst still developing skills such as hand/eye coordination.

Merry Christmas from PE Planning

Don’t forget you can download our PE lesson plans here. Whether you’re a PE Planning subscriber or not, we’re always happy to help. Therefore, please do send us a message if you need PE help in 2023. Happy Holidays from PE Planning!